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Underworld Contact - Defense Expert

Qwinn Azarie

A freelance Hacker turned Rogue, Qwinn started as a specialist in Armour system work-arounds to optimize Defensive A.I before turning to the Underworld.

Underworld Contact - Weapons Expert

Ertan Eln

A highly-trained assassin, Ertan is infamous in the Underground world for playing "head games" with enemies. Ertan's motto: "Confusion, then carnage".

Underworld Contact - Systems Expert


Once human in appearance and in name, Zaav began augmenting body parts almost obsessively decades ago. Now almost un-recognizable as humanoid, Zaav is a shrine to the dark side of A.I. Augmentation.

Lucis Terbia - Camoflage Expert

Lucis Terbia

Another example of extreme Augmentation! Lucis' refuses to abandon a human identity, but is more than willing to accept the benefits of A.I. Augmentation: increased sight, hearing and speed make Lucis a dangerous force.

Underworld Contact - Speed Expert

Udi Prash

Suave, stylish, slick and deadly. Udi is the definition of "slash and flash", not afraid to make an example of you, and always sure that the cameras are rolling.

AI Helper


What happens when "Regenabots" go garbage picking? A hyper-intelligent soda can, of course! Canbot is a rare case of a Regenabot 'zombie' being resourceful, and helpful, and is always keen to assist new Spies in getting accustomed to their tasks.

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